A Few Words About the CD

I am a survivor of the attack on the World Trade Center, as most of the people of New York City. This has hit me especially hard because had I been on time to work that day, God only knows whether or not someone else would have incorporated my photo into this arrangement.

Unfortunately, I lost many people in this wanton, cowardly attack. I have not been the same ever since. One day the calm may return, but here it is months later and I still feel the sensation of shaking inside.

I created this presentation to honor all who I lost personally as well as to honor all of those who were lost that day. I created it to honor the heroes that run toward chaos and carnage rather than, like most everyone else, away from it. To those men and women, my heartfelt and sincere thanks. I do not know what we would've done without you.

Nor would we have known what to do without all those who rushed to the city to help us in our hour of need. You have my profound thanks as well.

In this CD I have put a few directories for you to peruse. They are:

  • Wtc9-12
  • Wtc9-12a
  • Wtc9-13a
  • Wtc9-13b

  • These directories contain overhead views of the carnage at the World Trade Center and surrounding areas. Next to actually being at Ground Zero, these are pretty close to experiencing the horror and tragedy of September 11th.

    I did not want to charge for the CD, but after laying out a huge amount of money for bandwidth and burning several hundred CD's for people, I am no longer able to do this without being reimbursed. Any overage at the end of each month, I give to the family of one of the victims of the World Trade Center. He was a young man (32) who left behind a wife and daughter who turned 4 in February of 2002. After the fiasco's at the Red Cross and United Way, who between them raised nearly a billion dollars, I have lost all faith in the charities.

    If you want to order CD's, the pricing is as follows:

  • 1 CD, with label @ $10.00 each
  • 6 or more CD's, with label @ $9.25 each

  • Note: Checks or Money order drawn on non US Account or foreign checks/money orders that are not cleared through a NY Clearing House, add 10.00 USD because Chase Bank charges a 10.00 processing fee.

  • The above pricing includes shipping and handling. Please contact me at powforum@nyct.net for instructions.

    When you feel your resolve waining or you wonder why we are in another country fighting a long, protracted battle, I want you to consider all the people who were at work or on their way to work when US commercial jetliners and their occupants were used as a weapon of mass destruction against the United States. They all had names. They all had families. They were guilty of nothing more than being American. And some of them weren't American at all.

    Freedom was attacked on 11 September 2002. As the keepers of the beacon of freedom, it is our responsibility to defend her wherever the defense of freedom takes us. So strengthen your resolve and remember all these folks on this CD and then mulitply that by 100. All with families. Just going to work. Just like you..

    Finally, in case you are interested, my presence of the web is based upon the POW/MIA (Prisoner of War/Missing In Action) issue. When we ask our young men and women to join our armed forces and possibly put their lives in harms way, we have a responsibility to them to make sure that if they are caught while in defense of our Nation, we will do everything possible to see that they are repatriated back to US control when hostilities cease. You can view my pages at The PoW/MIA Forum and visit the links from there.

    Thank You for ordering this CD and God Bless all those involved with Operation Enduring Freedom and the United States of America.

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